Thermal Power plants come in different configurations. Few of the configurations are:

  • Steam turbines with steam generated from a fossil fuel fired boiler.
  • Gas turbines with fuel gas fired supplemented with Heat recovery steam generators. The steam from HRSG help to generate additional power in the steam turbines
  • Gas engines with triple generation, such as, power, steam and hot water.

Irrespective of the configuration, the key factors to evaluate are:

  • Gas turbines: Gas turbine Heat rate – fuel consumption in kcal per unit of power produced
  • Auxiliaries consumption – as % of total power generated
  • Steam turbines: Steam consumption per unit of power generated and cycle efficency,
  • Cogen efficiency of GT, HRSG and STG combined: power generated as % of fuel burnt
  • Condensate recovery, % of steam generated returned as condensate.

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Performance Improvements and Troubleshooting

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Energy Efficiency Improvements

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Process Safety

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