At QPES, we evaluate current plant performance to turn up capacity and improve performance. We assess current capacity, determine output limitations, and then employ standard engineering techniques to give cost effective ideas to upgrade or replace equipment. Both revamp work and troubleshooting are part of our performance improvement efforts.

In the revamp work, the focus is to improve production capacity or processing efficiency. In the case of troubleshooting, we focus on solving a problem that hampers current operation. Often, the problem exposes an opportunity for much greater gain in performance.

Both revamp and troubleshooting require open-minded thinking and proficiency with engineering tools. Where required we conduct test runs to diagnose problems and uncover design errors or inaccuracies in equipment ratings.
We at QPES, have thorough knowledge of process fundamentals and take pride in providing simple cost-effective solutions. Consulting assistance in the following areas can be provided:

  1. Convert existing batch columns to continuous operating columns
  2. Improve batch operation times
  3. Improve yields and reduce byproduct and waste products formation
  4. Upgrade technology
  5. Assess and support recruitment of skilled manpower at managerial positions
  6. Support in development of new products in lab scale and pilot plant scale.

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