Energy costs form a significant percent of operating costs in many chemical plants. To stay competitive, it is imperative to keep energy costs down. At QPES, we follow a three-pronged approach in reducing energy related operating costs:

  • Improve energy efficiency of energy intensive equipment such as furnaces, compressors, pumps, distillation columns, thermic fluid circulation system, etc.
  • Study the process flow diagrams and P&I Diagrams to identify system related improvement opportunities.
  • Conduct heat integration studies such as pinch analysis to determine further reduction in energy consumption by reducing the cold end and hot end approaches in heat exchange of streams by using equipment that achieve the desired approaches.

For some plants the above approach may lead to only marginal reduction in total operating costs. That is because the raw material costs may form a significant portion of the operating costs. In such cases, it is important to improve the yields, reduce byproduct formation and benchmark the production technology to achieve significant reduction in operating costs.

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